In 1855 our family planted its first apple orchard in County Armagh.
Today, we craft crisp, refreshing Irish cider from those freshly pressed apples.



Inspired by the aromatic ciders of Northern France, our Traditional Dry Cider is an elegant blend of over ten different apple varieties. Our crisp Armagh Bramley apples balance the fragrant flavours of traditional dessert apples and bittersweet cider apples, giving a deep and dry cider style.


Our light, fresh and fruity Medium Cider is a lively blend of over ten different apple varieties. With the focus on modern dessert apple varieties, this cider delivers a mouth watering, easy drinking refreshment whilst, staying true to our belief that cider should taste of real apples – don’t you think so too?


Our luscious Plum & Ginger Cider is a subtle blend of our ever-popular Medium Cider with plum and ginger juice. Rosé in colour with delicate bubbles, our apples marry perfectly with the rounded, fruity flavour of plum. The ginger then delivers a lovely heat to the finish. It is all you could ever want it to be!



Delicious with full-bodied roundness, our Vintage Reserve Cider is blended from our most mature stock of cider. With a concentrated palate of fresh apple skin, it is dry and refined finishing with a light effervescent sparkle that leaves the palate refreshed and wanting more.
Only available in 330ml



Our innovative Alcohol Free Cider is a subtle blend of our most mature ciders with the fresh juice of our fragrant dessert apples. With its pale straw colour and delicate bubbles it miraculously packs real cider flavour but without the alcohol. Light, refreshing, medium dry and only 76 calories – delicious.
Only available in 330ml



Delicious and thirst-quenching, our Juicy Session Cider is made exclusively from hand-picked, Irish-grown dessert apples such as Falstaff, Elstar, Allington Pippin and Golden delicious. This medium dry cider has a simple and refreshing flavour profile and it now comes in a convenient can.
Only available in 330ml

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Our Story

“I set out to make an Irish cider that truly captures the flavour and aroma of the juicy apples that we grow –

a delicious cider made using only natural ingredients and traditional methods – a lively cider that keeps people coming back for more. Using only the best apples from our orchards, we set to work and after many trial blends we created two distinct and perfectly balanced ciders – Mac Ivors Traditional Dry and Mac Ivors Medium. We hope you love them as much as we do.” Greg MacNeice, Cider Maker

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