YOU have no doubt seen Greg in the most unexpected of places over the last few weeks. If you haven’t here is the photographic evidence.

Our favourite cider maker is on billboards, bus stops and on the side of Translink buses showcasing the delicious apples grown at the orchards here in Ardress – apples which have been supplied to Lidl for many years now.

Lidl has a reputation of celebrating local producers so, although Greg might be a bit shy about being a poster boy, the rest of us are delighted!

It’s good timing really as we are in the middle of the harvest. The apple pickers are in, crates of apples are being brought to the yard and the apples are being prepped for pressing.

It’s in these same orchards where we grow our apples supplied to Lidl that we grow our apple varieties which we use to make our great tasting ciders – Traditional Dry Cider, Medium Cider and Plum and Ginger Cider.

So, for the last number of weeks, Lidl has been showcasing the very best of our apples as part of their ‘Big On Quality, Lidl On Price’ campaign.

Greg is a fifth generation apple grower and he learned from the best – his father Sammy. They planted their first tree in 1855 and now have 110 acres.

The orchards are laden with fruit right now and the apples smell great.

Now Greg might go a brighter shade of red if you mention it to him but it really is a celebration of the superior quality of the apples grown on our land here at Ardress.

Lidl states: ‘With products this good, we’re proud of more than just our prices.’

It’s brilliant to see the supermarket showcasing Greg and other producers. Lidl now partners with over 40 of the most dedicated suppliers and families across Northern Ireland.

It’s great to be a part of that overall story and feature in such a worthwhile campaign.

So the next time you’re in Lidl’s pick up a pack or two of Armagh Bramley Apples. Makes a cracking apple tart!