Dry, damp or wet January – Mac Ivors has you covered!

Happy New Year from everyone here at Mac Ivors Cider! We’ve made it through the crazy season and here’s hoping for a fantastic 2022!! It may not be the Christmas we had planned but we still may have, possibly (definitely) overindulged over the break! Being back to a sense of normality once again brings with it many plans and goals for 2022. Does that include the dreaded D word for a cider company – DRY JANUARY? Or maybe you’re heading for the Damp January instead, cutting down midweek.

Alcohol Free Cider

Whether you’ve decided to do the whole hog and commit to a whole month off, or more, well done you! Or perhaps you’ve decided to cut down a bit, we have you covered here at Mac Ivors Cider with our delicious Alcohol Free Cider.

Perfect for non-drinkers, drivers and  those cutting down this New Year, our delicious AF cider gives the refreshing taste of Mac Ivors minus the alcohol!! Crisp, fruity and low in calories- what’s not to love!

Mac Ivors Alcohol Free Cider is also gluten-free, low in calories and vegan-friendly. With only 76 calories per bottle, this novel drink has been created to offer a range of benefits for those concerned about health while still maintaining an authentic and delicious cider taste.

Greg our cider-maker had this to say about it: “We are very pleased with the new cider which has also produced exremely positive feedback in taste tests. Our aim has been to produce a genuine cider rather than a drink that tastes like apple juice. The AF Cider is a response to the growing market for ‘healthier’ products especially among those concerned about weight & overall fitness. It’s also a delicious and safer option for drivers especially the designated driver on a night out”.

Alcohol Free Cider Dunnes

Where can I buy it this Dry January?

Our Alcohol Free Cider is now available nationwide in Dunnes Stores and SuperValu NI stores. It is also on offer for the month of January, check out our social media for more info! It is also in independent off licences throughout Ireland such as Martins Fairview, McHughs Artane, SV Kimmage, JD Tipplers Portadown, Mc Anerneys and Emersons in Armagh.

We hope you enjoy our delicious ciders whether that be with or without alcohol, wishing you a fantastic 2022!! Onwards and upwards! Cheers!