It is absolutely freezing and there’s snow lying on the freezing orchard floor.

Sarah is meeting off licences, bars and restaurants right across Ireland, Sammy and the farm workers are continuing to prune the orchards, Greg and the cider makers are in the pressing room and the rest of us are flat out in the office.

It’s that time of year when we all start looking at how much cider you guys want to drink this year, and, knowing you guys well, we are going to have to up our quantity yet again.

Last year was a fantastic year for Mac Ivors Cider Co. Our Irish ciders picked up more prestigious awards, we started to plant a further 10 acres of orchards, we attended copious amounts of food and drink events the length and breadth of Ireland, we went to Kentucky for a hoedown, we started distributing in France and Dubai and we also got our new fermentation and maturation tanks installed on site.

Follow The Fox - Pedro hanging out in Mac Ivors Cider Co orchards - great tasting Irish cider

So, with that, and much more, we now plan to top last year with everything we do this year so building on our achievements and ambitions is at the forefront of our minds. For us that means continuing to grow the most delicious tasting apples we can here on our 110 acres, press them and make ┬áthousands upon thousands upon thousands of litres of Irish cider right here in Ireland’s orchard county.

As we start to plan our calendar for this year there’s a lot of work going on in the background in spite of the snow and the freezing temperatures.

It’s imperative for the growth of our brand that we ensure you guys have lots of cider so you can taste nature at its best.

So, here’s to a great 2018. We will be keeping you informed of our plans as always and we look forward to you seeing you guys at all of the events we are attending. We are in the process of planning, getting the orchards ready for a new season and we look forward to continuing the growth of our brand here in Ireland and further afield.

Cheers to that! #followthefox