There’s a bit of a trend going on here. Sarah and Greg are having the time of it. Iceland one month, Kentucky the next and now Greg is heading to Paris – the global centre for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture (and Mac Ivors Cider).

In fairness, the up and coming trip is all for a good cause – cider, beer and more cider.

This week is the much anticipated Mondial de la Bière – a three day craft beer and craft cider extravaganza at the Maison de la Mutualité.

What a display this is going to be.

As you all know, we launched our Traditional Dry cider in Paris on St Patrick’s Day so this is going to be a great opportunity for us to meet Mac Ivors Cider Co enthusiasts in the capital and for them to meet up with us.

Mondial de la Bière will be well worth the visit. There will be hundreds of beers on offer through beer tastings and master-classes.

The craft brew enthusiasts will get a chance to meet some of the best brewers in France (and Ireland) while sampling street food from the most amazing Parisien food scene.

With over 80 brewers showcasing their craft this is one event we are looking forward to – Pedro is going to fit in nicely.

The Mondial de la Bière Paris wants as many people as possible to have access to the best products and the best brewing practices.

The organisers are offering a large range of events made for everyone from beer geeks to those in the know.

Check this out;

  • Concours Mondial de la Bière – these are awards for the best beers on offer to brewers exhibiting at Mondial de la Bière.
  • Corners brasseurs – this will be the huge brewery section made up of 80 stands with over 500 beers to try.
  • Food corners – the bests chefs from the Parisian street food scene have been carefully chosen by Omnivore – the festival that celebrates bright, young cuisine.
  • Demo Beer live – each exhibiting brewer will come on stage, give a demonstration by presenting their work. There are 80 different encounters to be had!
  • Conf Beer Tasting – nice! This is a unique occasion for festival-goers to delve deeper into the world of brewing. It’s the chance to meet brewers and find out more about their passion.
  • Journées Beer Expert – fans of all things beer can take part in masterclasses coordinated by national and international players who are specialists in the world of beer.

Ah! Could you get any better? Greg can’t wait.

So, whether you’re already in Paris – make sure and come along and see us. If you’re not in Paris, we hear flights are quite reasonable!

This three day festival starts on June 30 from 2pm-10pm, is on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-7pm.

Passport at the ready! See you at Stand 1/6