Never have we quite faced the dilemma that many are facing today – St Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, on the same day, for the first time since 1945.

Will we? Won’t we?

There’s the dilemma right there.

It’s Ash Wednesday – a day of fasting!

It’s the start of Lent – 40 days, excluding Sundays, of giving up something or other.

And it’s Valentine’s day! A day for love, a bit of indulgence and all things romance.

There’ll be a lot of head scratching going on the length and breadth of Ireland today.

So what do you reckon? Does this leave your romantic plans in jeopardy? Or will you bite cupid’s arrow and fire on with your plans?

The one thing we can say is oh how things have changed since 1945.

In recent years cupid has been a lot kinder to us all here in Ireland and we can all now celebrate the fruit grown here in Ireland’s orchard capital.

Life is good!

With a craft industry booming, there’s so much more on offer when it comes to making St Valentine’s Day special for your loved one.

Take for example our offering to you – Plum & Ginger Cider – this luscious subtle blend of our ever popular Medium Cider with plum and ginger juice is all you could ever want it to be.

Just look at it.

Happy Valentine's Day from Mac Ivors Cider Co

It’s rosé in colour with little delicate bubbles and looks equally delicious whether it’s in a pint glass or served in a flute. The ginger delivers a lovely heat to the finish.

Perfection in a glass for Valentine’s Day.

So, as we say, the dilemma is yours to work through, but, if you do fire on with a little bit of reasonable indulgence, here are some tips, from us, to you, which will help you make Valentine’s Day a special one;

  1. Buy some Mac Ivors Cider for your other half and cool it in the fridge
  2. Cook a meal using a recipe with Mac Ivors Cider in it – delicious!
  3. Wash your meal down with some Mac Ivors Cider – aaaaaagh!
  4. Don’t forget about dessert whatever you do – there are some fantastic dessert recipes you can whip up using Mac Ivors Cider
  5. It’s hump day, Ash Wednesday and St Valentine’s Day all in one – so Eat, Pray and Love – the first time since 1945 – some call it a dilemma – others will say it’s reason to celebrate.  So, if you’re celebrating, why not nip out to your local after your dinner and enjoy some Mac Ivors Cider Co?

Whatever you choose, enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Mac Ivors Cider Co.