Children chomp at the bit every morning to get their chocolate out of their advent calendar – we adults on the other hand are chomping at the bit to get our hands on the crafty treats in an advent calendar with a difference.

Martin’s Off Licence in Dublin have yet again succeeded in creating the ultimate advent calendar which sold out pretty much as soon as it hit the shelves.

And today, December 6, those lucky enough to get their hands on #madvent will be opening up the only cider in the entire box – Mac Ivors Cider Co’s Vintage Reserve Cider.

Nestled neatly in the box, is lots of flavour in a smaller bottle. Blended from our most mature cider giving it a delicious full-bodied roundness, Mac Ivors Vintage Reserve Cider is a delicious new addition to our tried and tested range. People love it and it is the perfect accompaniment to food with its low acidity and clean, dry finish. It will pair perfectly with fish, hard cheeses, spicier dishes and a whole range of other dishes. The Vintage Reserve has a light effervescent sparkle that leaves the palate refreshed and wanting more.

At 5% it sits nicely between our Medium and Traditional Dry ciders. The blend of apple varieties also lies between the Medium and Dry ciders of the range – a blend of cider apples, culinary apples and dessert apples.

So, if you are lucky enough to be involved in #madvent you will love today’s offering of Mac Ivors Vintage Reserve.

Damien, from Martin’s Off-Licence in Fairview, Dublin, told us he can’t believe the success of this year’s #madvent.

He said: “Throughout the course of December we will be working hard to interact with customers each day, generating a discussion on social media about their thoughts on the beer of the day and asking customers to post pictures of that days beer. Similar to last year we are running a competition encouraging customers to participate. The more they interact the better their chance of winning a craft beer hamper. Also to celebrate 40 years in business we have added an extra competition to add to the #madvent fun where one winner will find a special bottle cap that will win them a €50 voucher.

“We couldn’t believe the success this year. #madvent sold out really quickly. The customers love it and we have loved working with brewers in order to make this happen.”

So, enjoy today’s offering – we are on Twitter @MacIvorsCider – FACEBOOK  and Instagram @ Mac Ivors Cider – join the chat today. #followthefox