White Hag Apple Sour just one of the treat at the Alltech Craft Brew and Food Fair 

Well, what can we say? The Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair was top class. Sarah and Greg were pretty banjaxed after it but it was all good so happy days.

Our Medium cider was flying out on draught as it’s so great tasting and easy to drink. And people were intrigued by Plum and Ginger so it went down a storm too as of course did the Traditional Dry.

But we had a good laugh watching people sample the White Hag’s Branch Apple Sour.

There were a few screwed up faces (you know the look) when people got the chance to taste it.

This is a collaboration between The White Hag and ourselves but there’ll be more detail on that coming soon.

It’s been called whacky, weird and mental and the sour tipple was named in the Irish Times as ‘something whacky’ to try during the 2017 fair.

Sours are in! And they are growing in popularity. This collaboration is great fun for us. It was essentially an experiment which has turned into a sour brew. We used a single variety of apple so it’s 40 per cent  Bramley Apple and 60 per cent Sour Golden Ale.

It sounds weird and, at first, it tastes totally weird but when you keep sipping, your palette will get used to it. People loved it at Alltech so it’ll be interesting to see it distributed out around Ireland. People liked it because it was something totally different.

This year was great because we saw the craft brew fans who meet us at festivals and fairs up and down the country but there was also a new audience this year as well which was brilliant and they were trying everything.

We had great craic with them all.

You all saw the pictures of Greg and Sarah rocking a new look with our new hoodies and T-Shirts so they went down a treat too. Our Pedro tattoos were a real hit and everyone was wanting one and topping it off was Ireland nailing the rugby and the Smash Hits from the 90s setting the vibe for the move throwers.

The food was cracking. We would recommend J2 Sushi. Gorgeous! We couldn’t get enough of it. And of course there were other top class drink there like Blacks of Kinsale with their gin bong, and White Hag/Kinnegar collaboration brew.

Rascals bar was class too.

And to top it off too we are very proud to get two silver medals in the Cider Cup for Plum and Ginger and totally delighted with Hot Press describing Plum and Ginger as ‘A drink of quality and distinction’. Nice!

But, that’s it all over for another year and we are refreshed and back in action.  Sarah is out and about on her travels the length and breadth of Ireland with loads new bars loving our great tasting ciders so lots more to tell you about that in a few weeks.

Thanks to everybody who came to see us and well done to Stephen Allen from Dublin who won the two complimentary tickets in our giveaway.



. Enjoy our Plum and Ginger, Traditional dry and Medium ciders.