Mac Ivors Alcohol-Free cider launched in Ireland

What a start to 2020 we have had here at Mac Ivors Cider! If you have been following us over on Facebook or Instagram you may have spotted some big changes for us. At the beginning of the year we launched our brand new alcohol-free cider. Our Mac Ivors Alcohol-Free Cider is also gluten-free, only 76 calories per bottle and vegan friendly – win win win!!

New RoI distributor

The introduction of our first ever alcohol-free cider coincides with a distribution agreement between ourselves and Noreast in Dundalk. We have known the team at Noreast for a number of years and their experienced sales team will bring Mac Ivors Cider to a range of on and off-trade outlets. For those in Northern Ireland, long-standing partners Drinks Inc will continue to stock our full range of ciders.  So expect to see Mac Ivors in a bar near you very soon.


“Great tasting cider – without the alcohol!”

There are many people reducing their alcohol intake at the minute, for a variety of reasons and we were being asked a lot about bringing out an alcohol-free cider. We’re so pleased with the cider Greg has produced now and it has been getting extremely positive feedback in taste tests. Our aim has been to produce a genuine cider without the alcohol, rather than a drink that tastes like apple juice – and we’ve succeeded!

This is a delicious, thirst-quenching medium cider, packed full of flavour and possessing the characteristics that you would expect from a “proper” cider.

What is Alcohol-Free Cider?

Our innovative AF Cider is a subtle blend of our more mature ciders with the juice of our fragrant dessert-apples. With its pale straw colour and delicate bubbles it miraculously packs in real cider flavour but without the alcohol. One taste and you’ll be back for more!

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