Armagh Pork Cutlet at Uluru Bar & Grill – flavoured with Mac Ivors Cider – class!

As you know, we have a very close working relationship with Uluru Bar & Grill in Armagh. A huge congratulations from the team at Mac Ivors Cider Co goes to Head Chef Mark McGonigle for leading the team there.

We are delighted the chefs have come up with two recipes which were cooked as part of the Food and Cider Festival celebrations.

Here’s a second recipe which the #ulurucrew use Mac Ivors Cider Co ciders. If it sounds delicious that means it probably is delicious. Check it out on the Uluru Bar & Grill menu and if you fancy giving it a go at home – send us your pictures.

Armagh Pork Cutlet

1 Pork cutlet

1 Armagh Bramley Apple

1 bottle of Mac Ivors Cider

250ml double cream

4tbsp brown sugar

Sprig of thyme


Heat a pan and oven to 170°c.

Season the pork cutlet with sea salt and black pepper.

Place the cutlet in the hot pan and sear on both sides.

Slice the Bramley apple and place in a pot and caramelise slowly.

Add the cider to the pork cutlets and place in oven at 170°c for four minutes.

To the apple add cider and sugar reduce until turns to caramel (be careful not to burn)

Add cream to make a smooth rich apple cider sauce.

Add salt and pepper

Take your pork cutlet out of the oven and let it rest.

Serve with some wholegrain mustard mash and some baby garden vegetables.

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