Sugar pit pork chop, grain mustard mash, braised winter greens, Traditional Dry Cider and apple sauce – fancy some?

AUSSIE chef Dean Coppard has been making his mark in kitchens in Ireland since he first moved here well over a decade ago. His quirky cooking style combined with his passion for perfection leaves many with their mouths watering when they see his culinary creations.

As the monthly resident chef on TV3’s The Six O’Clock Show, Dean attracts huge audiences who watch to see what he’s cooking, enjoy his Australian banter and get his delicious recipes.

Here is Dean’s January offering. Have a go – it’s tastes delicious.


2 X pork chops

100g of butter

2 sprigs of thyme

400 g of mashed potatoes

2 X tsp of grain mustard

6 X pieces of tender stem brocolli

4 X finely chopped cabbage

200g of Bramley apples peeled and chopped

100g of butter

100g of brown sugar

50ml of red wine vinegar

500ml of Mac Ivors Traditional Dry Cider


macivors dry cider credit james dobson


In a heavy frying pan place the 100g of butter, and add the red wine vinegar, place the pork chops in the frying pan, then add the thyme, baste covering the chops until golden brown and then turn. Then place in a preheated oven at 160c for 10-15mins.

In a pan of boiling water place the cabbage and tender stem until soft, once cooked set aside, in a saucepan on a low heat slowly heat the mashed potato and add the grain mustard to the potato and whip.

For the sauce, place the brown sugar in a pan and add the 100g of butter, then the apples, once the apples start to caramelise add the cider and allow to cook slowly.


Place the mash on the plate, then the winter greens, place the pork chop on the top and spoon the sauce over the chop. Enjoy.